Killing Cable

My classmate Lauren recently published a post about making the transition from traditional cable to a more personalized TV service, like Sling TV.

Apparently, Sling TV, which has been described as “Netflix, but for live television,” allows subscribers to stream select channels over the Internet for $20 a month with additional channels available via add-on packages. Sling TV can be viewed on multiple different apps across various devices, including the iPhone, a Windows or Mac computer, Amazon FireTV and even an Xbox One.

JR asked in class last week about how many different channels we watch, out of the thousand or so we have at our disposal. I think I originally said somewhere around 10, but I honestly think it’s even less than that. I probably watch no more than five channels regularly, and that may even be a generous estimate.

And I don’t think I’m alone here. Our generation is watching less and less live television. There aren’t many shows that can attract viewers to watch live when it originally airs. They know they can get it on Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon Prime, or any other of the streaming services out there whenever they have the time. And even if the show they want isn’t available on one of these mediums, they can probably find it somewhere else just as easily, and for free (shoutout to you, ProjectFreeTV).

In the very near future, here are going to be multiple services like Sling TV available, and I don’t think it’ll be long before we see major cable companies affected. Our generation will be the first to use them, but I think they definitely have the potential to become popular among our parents as well. The best service will allow people to offer five- and 10-package (or however many) deals that allow users to customize their service by picking and choosing which channels they want to watch and pay for.

Think about it – it’s just foolish to pay for a service you’re not using, and we’d never continue to do that with anything else like we do cable. My roommates and I are going to be working out specifics for our house next year pretty soon, and I’m pretty sure we’ll all be open to some potential alterations to our current cable subscription. Thanks to unwatched channels and some less than stellar service from Time Warner Cable, a service like Sling TV will definitely be a feasible option.


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