Periscope and the Verge of the Twitter Reporters

News media is changing.

This isn’t news to us or anyone else. Newspaper subscriptions are declining, as are viewers of traditional newscasts. People used to sit in front of their televisions to watch the evening news to catch up on what they’d missed during the day.

That’s just not the case anymore. Now, we’re all in this state of wanting news now, as it happens, in real time. News outlets do a fairly good job of that, but there is always breaking news to be found on Twitter.

For a lot of people, especially in this generation, a significant amount of the news they consume is obtained on Twitter or through other forms of social media. It is a living, breathing social network that’s all about what’s happening right now.

Live-streaming apps like Periscope could completely revolutionize traditional news media and news reporting. As far as I know, the app doesn’t require any journalistic training to use, so anyone on Twitter has the ability to live stream anything they want at any time, and anyone anywhere can tune in.

Now, they could choose to stream themselves making breakfast, or they could choose to stream the crime scene they’ve just arrived at. Or the protest they’re taking part in. Or the political rally they’re attending. Any newsworthy event will have the ability to be live streamed by anyone on the scene, and people everywhere will be able to tune in and watch.

People on Periscope providing live video or even just tweets from the scene could end up playing a major role in news coverage. Why choose to watch one reporter/news station’s coverage and opinion of an event when you can follow along on Twitter to see multiple perspectives provided by multiple different people?

In the future, we won’t have to wait for professional news crews to arrive on the scene to know what breaking news is occurring. All we’ll have to do will be to log on Twitter, do a quick search and tune right in.


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